From nature’s own cruel, frangible mouth. (at Notre-Dame De Paris)
Anybody want to play TWENTY DOLLARS, my upcoming game for iOS? It will be available at 20:20 on the 20th day of 2020, published by hiscoreclub . Slogan: Play $20 for $20 in ‘20.


Our brand new t-shirt designed by jackteagle is now available to buy over at!

"Terras of the Galactic Human Federation has been charged with endangering the lives of an entire planet through reckless actions on a very dangerous mission.

She has been sentenced to hunt the Xeno-Raiders, the GHF’s biggest threat, and their genetically-engineered new threat to humanity: the Plasmorphs.”

Alien Hunter marks the start of our Hi-Score Club Bootleg Series, where we’re teaming up with our favourite illustrators to produce real merchandise for totally made up games.

Alien Hunter pays tribute to the wave of games developed in the wake of the success of Ridley Scott’s Alien, most notably Metroid.Screen-printed on premium quality 100% ring-spun cotton, the pictures above just don’t do justice to the eye-melting hot pink and turquoise inks we selected with Jack. These are awesome!

To celebrate this release, we’re currently offering the shirts at the special price of £17.99. Grab one here! We ship internationally.


Due to space pirates intercepting a very important Hi-Score Club package today, we aren’t able to show jackteagle's Alien Hunter shirt just yet. Boo!Never fear. To tide you over until the reveal next Wednesday, here’s a special sneak peek at the intro sequence we’re making for the game based on Jack’s character design. We wish this game was real!

I spent this evening eating cake with my valentine, watching new House of Cards and making this. Multitasking!

This Friday we’ll be kicking off our Hi-Score Club Bootleg Series by revealing a brand new t-shirt designed by jackteagle! Jack’s ALIEN HUNTER design will mark the beginning of a project where we ask our favourite illustrators to hit the drawing board and explore what makes their favourite games and game genres great by designing real merchandise for totally made up (dream) games. Drawing from childhood influences and beyond, this project is all about the enduring love of video games we all share — with just a little nod to the off-brand, totally unofficial paraphernalia that could be found everywhere during the 8 and 16 bit eras. We love that stuff.As a kind of reverso twist of the early practice of game box artists extrapolating the crude pixellated forms of games into detailed (and often bizarre) promotional art, we’ve made up this little screenshot to clue you into what to expect when we unveil Jack’s design and open pre-orders on Friday. Stay tuned!

I loved making these creatures based on Jack’s art. hiscoreclub will be revealing his shirt design this Friday!


It’s true! We’re teaming up with the bodacious jackteagle for our next shirt! Stay tuned as we’ll be dropping sly previews of the shirt and fun extras across the next fortnight, ahead of the shirt release on February 24th. Pre-orders open this Friday at after we reveal the design!Jack will be kicking off our Bootleg Series of artist team-ups, where our favourite illustrators get drafted into Hi-Score Club to pay homage to the games and game genres that they love.

Hiscoreclub made the best portrait I’ve ever had. I’ve made a new tshirt for them, so check out their site for more details! The design will be revealed soon!

I made a little Bad Dudes inspired post-apocalyptic jackteagle GIF to celebrate him joining hiscoreclub. Welcome to the gang, Jack. It’s blood in, blood out.
My inexplicable career of wandering fortuitously onto comics panels continues in Birmingham at 3pm on Saturday 7th of December at Volume. Birmingham Zine Festival organiser Lizz Lunney and educator/cartoonist Dan Berry have kindly invited me to the event’s Make It Then Tell Everybody panel, where I will be adding a publisher-side perspective as part of a larger comics conversation with the following people:
Philippa Rice – creator of the webcomic My Cardboard Life, Recyclost, Looking Out and many other titles. 
Vivane Schwarz – creator of a number of books for children including There Are Cats In This Book, There Are No Cats In This Book and Welcome To Your Awesome Robot.
Lisa Wood – director of the Thought Bubble festival in Leeds 
It should be fun. Tickets are free but need to be booked in advance here. More info on Lunney’s blog here. See you there?

Hi-Five Facts | Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II
Time to take a trip back in time to August 1994, with five facts relating to Capcom’s classic CPS-II board wrestlefighter Slam Masters II. 
As with it’s prequels, Saturday Night Slam Masters and Muscle Bomber Duo, the game features character designs by Tetsuo Hara of Fist of the North Star Fame. Just look at that poster!
This was actually the third and final title explicitly made for CPS-II that re-used tweaked CPS-I character sprites, making it a key title in Capcom’s transition between the Street Fighter II and the Street Fighter Alpha eras. The other two games to do so were Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo (of course!).
As a little addendum to the previous fact, you can see that the Japanese logo (on the poster above), just wholesale uses the same “SUPER” lettering as Super Street Fighter II. 
Practically speaking, it plays significantly differently to its prequels, and it’s clear that Capcom wanted to move the game away from being a traditional wrestling game and more towards a traditional fighter. Not only was the previously free-roaming (think Final Fight) movement being restricted to a single plane, they also removed pinning entirely. Insanity!
Speaking of Final Fight, having Mike Haggar as a playable character isn’t Slam Masters II's only link to the rest of the Capcom universe. Street Fighter II’s Zangief, Balrog (Boxer) and E.Honda all show up in various stages lurking in the background. Not only that, but the game’s federation, the CWF (Capcom Wrestling Association) makes an appearance in Hugo’s ending in Street Fighter III: Giant Attack, as he prepares to take on Slam Masters Biff and Gunloc with either Gill, Ryu or Elena as his tag partner.
Hope you enjoyed the blast from the past. Follow Hi-Score Club on Twitter or support us by visiting our webstore at

Way inferior to Slam Masters I, if you ask me, but still a ton of fun.

Benefits of having a French girlfriend: 1) they take you to amazing Takeshi Kitanto installations at Fondation Cartier. 2) they celebrate your Saint’s day (this is a thing) by tracking down the exhibition catalogue you’ve regretted not buying since 2010.



After buying an amazing Hi-Score Club tshirt, I’ve create this piece of fan art for them.
Check out the Hi-Score Club website and grab a great tshirt!

Oh wow! The amazing Jack Teagle just surprised us with some KILLER fan-art. We’re going to build this Game Bad Boy for real and pilot it down to Cornwall to give him a hi-five.

jackteagle X hiscoreclub!