I’m going to be at a few things in the coming days/weeks but I realised I’ve barely mentioned this fact, so here are the things.
May 3rd (That’s TOMORROW) I’m going to be at Bergen Street Comics in New York from 7pm. It’s free comic book day and there’s going to be a… party? I will be there whatever happens, drawing in books.
May 6th I’m talking with George O’ Connor at The Strand bookstore in New York at 7pm
May 10th - 11th I’ll be at TCAF doing the normal TCAF things but also doing a kids 'How to Draw Hilda' workshop on the 10th from 1.30 - 2.30pm.
May 31st - June 1st I’ll be at Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, tabling with Philippa Rice.
I hope to see some of you at some of them! (Btw this poster is actually just the print that people got with the first few copies of The Black Hound, which I’ve written the word ‘Tour’ on.) ALSO there is a video online of me working and attempting to speak that I physically can’t bring myself to share properly but maybe I can quietly mention it at the end of a blog post.

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Led Zeppelin t-shirt


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Anybody want to play TWENTY DOLLARS, my upcoming game for iOS? It will be available at 20:20 on the 20th day of 2020, published by hiscoreclub . Slogan: Play $20 for $20 in ‘20.
I miss movie throwing movie nights. The double bill of Cool as Ice and Smoke will especially never be forgotten. Vanilla Ice definitely deserves two Oscars: one Best Actor for Cool as Ice, and one Best Original Song for Ninja Rap.


Our brand new t-shirt designed by jackteagle is now available to buy over at!

"Terras of the Galactic Human Federation has been charged with endangering the lives of an entire planet through reckless actions on a very dangerous mission.

She has been sentenced to hunt the Xeno-Raiders, the GHF’s biggest threat, and their genetically-engineered new threat to humanity: the Plasmorphs.”

Alien Hunter marks the start of our Hi-Score Club Bootleg Series, where we’re teaming up with our favourite illustrators to produce real merchandise for totally made up games.

Alien Hunter pays tribute to the wave of games developed in the wake of the success of Ridley Scott’s Alien, most notably Metroid.Screen-printed on premium quality 100% ring-spun cotton, the pictures above just don’t do justice to the eye-melting hot pink and turquoise inks we selected with Jack. These are awesome!

To celebrate this release, we’re currently offering the shirts at the special price of £17.99. Grab one here! We ship internationally.


Due to space pirates intercepting a very important Hi-Score Club package today, we aren’t able to show jackteagle's Alien Hunter shirt just yet. Boo!Never fear. To tide you over until the reveal next Wednesday, here’s a special sneak peek at the intro sequence we’re making for the game based on Jack’s character design. We wish this game was real!

I spent this evening eating cake with my valentine, watching new House of Cards and making this. Multitasking!

This Friday we’ll be kicking off our Hi-Score Club Bootleg Series by revealing a brand new t-shirt designed by jackteagle! Jack’s ALIEN HUNTER design will mark the beginning of a project where we ask our favourite illustrators to hit the drawing board and explore what makes their favourite games and game genres great by designing real merchandise for totally made up (dream) games. Drawing from childhood influences and beyond, this project is all about the enduring love of video games we all share — with just a little nod to the off-brand, totally unofficial paraphernalia that could be found everywhere during the 8 and 16 bit eras. We love that stuff.As a kind of reverso twist of the early practice of game box artists extrapolating the crude pixellated forms of games into detailed (and often bizarre) promotional art, we’ve made up this little screenshot to clue you into what to expect when we unveil Jack’s design and open pre-orders on Friday. Stay tuned!

I loved making these creatures based on Jack’s art. hiscoreclub will be revealing his shirt design this Friday!


It’s true! We’re teaming up with the bodacious jackteagle for our next shirt! Stay tuned as we’ll be dropping sly previews of the shirt and fun extras across the next fortnight, ahead of the shirt release on February 24th. Pre-orders open this Friday at after we reveal the design!Jack will be kicking off our Bootleg Series of artist team-ups, where our favourite illustrators get drafted into Hi-Score Club to pay homage to the games and game genres that they love.

Hiscoreclub made the best portrait I’ve ever had. I’ve made a new tshirt for them, so check out their site for more details! The design will be revealed soon!

I made a little Bad Dudes inspired post-apocalyptic jackteagle GIF to celebrate him joining hiscoreclub. Welcome to the gang, Jack. It’s blood in, blood out.


We’ve been thinking a lot about game over screens lately. This one from Monster Party on the NES (Bandai, 1989) stands out for a number of reasons, not least because it somehow escaped Nintendo USA’s infamous blood policy. 

A variant of the game over screen also appears when the player progresses to a new level. This version omits the goofy skulls and carved pumpkin and is actually pretty unsettling. Just look at it!

Those of you who are familiar with the game’s history will know that this stray viscera is extra weird seeing as screenshots from a never-materialised Japanese version out there show that Bandai went to some effort to edit a fair bit of gore/ unsettling imagery/ copyright infringement out of the game. The version released to the impressionable minds of the West is undoubtedly more odd by virtue of the strange half-measures they took, like modifying the egregious Little Shop of Horrors rip-off boss to appear more like a threatening looking aubergine - only to then appear to go to great lengths to wholesale lift Lyle Conway and Frank Oz’ 1986 design of Audrey II for the box art.

Nevertheless, even today, this is a game full of novel surprises, such as boss rooms where you find your opponent has already met their demise. We definitely recommend checking it out of you have the occasion!

Found this thing of glory in .psd form when going through a long-forgotten hard drive. Everybody’s got a price!